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Our campus is a hub of experimentation, research and innovation, and a home for students and faculty.

Ramsis Technical Training College Jobs

Ramsis Technical Training College is recruiting Part-time Online Trainers in different fields. Interested candidates are invited to participate in the recruitment process by hitting the APPLY button.

Studying at RTTC

Ramsis Technical Training College is committed to delivering top-notch education and training that significantly enhances the value of businesses. Our institution prioritizes the cultivation of enthusiasm, competency, service, and sustainability as core values integral to our educational approach.

We focus on helping learners discover what they are good at, and who they truly are. We expose them to real-world challenges within industries, and instead of the traditional exams, we keep a record of their exceptional achievements.

Our Industry-Relevant Curriculum

In alignment with accreditation oversight from NITA and TVETA, we strategically collaborate with industry stakeholders to implement rigorously designed work-based curricula aimed at cultivating and validating competencies.

Dairy and Food Technology

The program covers food safety and hygiene, food processing techniques, food preservation, food chemistry, and nutrition.

Mechanical Engineering

This program covers circuit design, electronics, power, and control.

Electrical Engineering

These programs typically cover circuit design, electrical and electronic systems, digital and analog electronics, power generation and distribution, and control systems.


Hands-on experience with the latest programming languages, database management, computer networking, web development, and software engineering.

Community Development

Our community development programs are crafted to empower individuals and foster sustainable growth.

Managerial Studies

Programs under Managerial studies include business strategy, marketing, accounting, finance, and human resources.

Being a leader starts here.

We take pride in nurturing talents and innovators. Our focus is not solely on academic achievements, but on enabling students to discover their passions and embrace their true potential. We are committed to equipping the next generation of professionals with the skills and mindset needed to make a meaningful impact in their chosen fields.

TerOur mly Events

Career Fairs

Students engage with recruiters and industry representatives at events to explore job opportunities, internships, and gain insights into the skills and experiences needed for various roles in their field of interest.

Industry-Specific Conferences

These events convene industry professionals and experts, offering valuable insights into the latest trends, developments, and networking opportunities within a specific field.


Students collaborate in teams to address authentic challenges, gaining practical problem-solving skills, industry connections, and valuable project experience.

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