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Selected high school students with STEM interest and aptitude undergo skill development guided by Ramsis Technical Training College mentors

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Ramsis Technical Training College focuses not solely on academic achievements, but more on enabling students to discover their passions and embrace their true potential.
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Explore the ongoing student projects showcasing innovation and talent at Ramsis Technical Training College.
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Our practical-oriented mode of delivery and industrial collaborations equips trainees with relevant trade tools and immerse them in activities, and actual work settings that provide them with opportunities to address authentic, real-world problems for meaningful learning

Accreditation bodies

Working closely with accreditation bodies like NITA and TVETA to continually develop our curricula, ensures we provide the highest quality education.

Industry Partners

Collaboration with industry partners ensures our curriculum remains up-to-date and relevant, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

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Collaborations for a brighter future with hands-on Research & Training.

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